Nutrition Response Testing

Dr. Julie hesitated for many years before embracing the nutrition aspect of chiropractic care. The reason for this hesitation was the imprecise “prescribing” of supplements, and the lack of quality supplements available. However, she continued to search for good products and a reproducible, reliable, and simple method of testing to find which supplements would be indicated for which patient.

After several years, Dr. Julie found Nutrition Response Testing (NRT). Through NRT, Dr. Julie can test your body’s organ systems to determine which systems do not have the appropriate amounts of energy in them. Once that is determined, the body is then “quizzed” through muscle testing to determine which supplements will work best for the body. The supplements that Dr. Julie uses are whole foods natural supplements. They are not “nutraceuticals” that you find in stores or from many other practitioners. Standard Process makes supplements using whole food sources so that you are not getting any synthetic “garbage” in the supplement.

The initial evaluation takes a little time, and the road to healing is not fast. We are working on healing your body naturally, using natural products, from the inside-out. It takes time to heal the cells in the body, and during this time, Dr. Julie will work with you frequently as you transform your body to a healthy being.

The first visit takes about 30 minutes. The cost of the initial consultation and visit is $65.00. After this, you will meet with Dr. Julie on a weekly basis for the first six weeks. These visits cost $20.00 each. Depending on the findings, you will be placed on one or more supplements (rarely more than 4 at a time), and these supplements are not included in the price of the visits. Insurance does not cover this service.