Medical Services

Our society relies on medical care for the majority of issues and complaints. Unfortunately, medical care is a “sick care” model of health care. People mainly go to the doctor when they are sick and expect him/her to make them well. Dr. Julie wants to begin to change that philosophy of health care and make sure that once people get well, they take responsibility for their health and avoid illness.
As such, we provide general medical care in our office.We want patients to have comprehensive care with the ability to have a full array of services in a convenient location.

Services offered include:
Physical exams for wellness care for all ages
Women’s yearly exams (pap smears and breast exams)
School entrance physicals
Sports physicals
Insurance physicals
Preventative care / screening
Geriatric care

Management of chronic health care conditions:
High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Joint injections

DOT Physical Exams

Laboratory draws (for current patients)
In-Office procedures
mole removal – freezing and surgical
lesion removal

Acute care visits (such as)
sinus infections
respiratory infections
pain issues
ear infections

If there are other services that you would like to receive at our office, please call and ask. If it is within Dr. Julie’s scope of practice as a Family Nurse Practitioner, she will do all she can to provide that service.