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We are currently the only Integrated Health Center in Nebraska with one practitioner providing both chiropractic and medical care. In addition to these services, we also offer:


nutrition response testing

DOT Physical exams

bio-identical hormone replacement screening and treatment

Dr. Julie Howard provides all of these services at our location in Plattsmouth, Nebraska. The integration of services stems from Dr. Julie’s belief that by blending the different branches of health care into one clinic by one provider, the patient can receive the highest quality and comprehensive health care possible. Even though the responsibility for your health and wellness lies with you, Dr. Julie is eager and willing to help provide you the best wellness and sick care around. Having one provider deliver your main primary health care needs can reduce medical errors, duplication of services, and miscommunication fiascos between providers. As such, we welcome you to our office!

We prefer that all appointments be made in advance, but we can usually get current patients in the same day. Please call as early as possible in the day if you want appointments during “prime” times – such as between 4 – 6 pm.

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Stay tuned for an exciting event coming up in October.

October happens to be National Chiropractic Month and Domestic Abuse Awareness Month. I've decided to do a fundraiser for the Lydia House on Saturday October 04.

More details will be coming soon!

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I have a question for everyone. Please respond if you have legitimate suggestions.

How do we, as a health care office, educate our patients about standard insurance terminology and practices? We've sent letters, posted signs, etc., to try to explain what a deductible is, we've defined co-pays, co-insurances, etc.

This is an ongoing problem with patients who do not understand how insurance works, and I would love to find a way to alleviate their frustration when they get a bill for their care.

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